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Chapters will now receive points towards the Maycie Chapter Excellence Award for attending virtual events.

Beta Eta Chapter Zoom Meeting with Gail Goolsby

2/8/24 at 4:30 P.M. Central Time.

Gail Goolsby will be sharing about her 7-year tenure as principal/ Director of the Kabul International School from 2005-2012. She has written her memoir UNVEILED TRUTH and will be sharing her successes and failures as an educator living in a foreign country like Afghanistan. Here is the Zoom link.


The Arts and Personal Growth Committee presents

Relaxation Techniques and Chair Yoga

2/12/24 at 6:00 P.M Central Time

Here is the Zoom link.


State Projects Committee: Virtual Mentoring for Early Career Educators 

1/30/24 - The TNSO State Projects Committee has received a Lucile Cornetet Seminar Award in the amount of $3064.00 to host three regional workshops for early career educators in the fall of 2024. One workshop has already been scheduled for November 16, 2024 at Falls Creek Falls State Park. 

Zoom Link


Informational Webinar on State Committees

Presenter: State Committee Members

View here.

Virtual Workshop on Navigating the Tennessee Legislative Website

Updates on legislative news and events will. Instruction on navigating the legislative website to get information on proposed legislation and how to contact your legislators.

Video Link


Virtual Fall Instant Pot
Presenter: Sherrie Collins, Beta Pi
View here.

Vision Foundation Virtual Event
Facilitators: Vision Foundation Board of Directors
View here.

Virtual New DKG Panel
Facilitators: The Planning Committee
Panelists: Tessey Bell, Alpha Nu Chapter; Abbi Hill, Pi Chapter; Amanda Pugh, Beta
Eta Chapter; Chasity Ragsdale, Alpha Rho Chapter

View here.

Leadership Development Q&A, Chapter History,

Awards Maycie Q&A, ChapterYearbooks Q&A,

Communications Q&A
Presenters: Committee Chairs/Members, State Officers, Related Personnel

Flower Pounding

Presenter: Kay Grogg, Beta Delta

Watch here.

Zoom Workshop: How Can We Communicate Better?

Presenter: Devon Anderson

Watch here.

Zoom Workshop with Jill Speering
Jill is the author of Rubies in the Rubble: An Educator’s Transformation from Painto Prominence, from Abuse to Absolution. At the State Convention in June, Jill will share her personal transformation that led to exquisite outcomes for children across the state of Tennessee.

Zentangle Valentines 
Presenter: Megan Dyer with Introduction by Susan Jonely

A New Look at Leadership
Presenters: Leadership Development Committee

Living with Chronic Illness
Presenter: Dr. Beth Madison

Christmas Crafting
Presenter: Becky Sanderson, Gamma Iota
Supply List


Thanksgiving Instant Pot
Presenter: Sherrie Collins, Beta Pi

Good Neighbor Award

Host Chapter: Gamma Mu


DKG DEI Session: Dr. Belle Wheelan

Dr. Belle Wheelan discusses DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) within organizations. Canada, El Salvador, Iceland, Finland, Mexico, and the United States are just a few of the countries who participated in this webinar. There are attachments distributed by Dr. Wheelan for the webinar. Questions for discussion include the following:

  • How do we gain buy-in from other members about focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion?  What can we do to be truly heard?

  • How do we know which terms are welcoming and validating versus those terms that are not as welcoming to others?

  • What is the first step that every chapter no matter where they are can take to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion?


VSO Getting Out There

Webinar PowerPoint

Professional Liability Informational Event

Hosted by the Tennessee Alpha Rho Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International


Bear Buddies: Teddy Bears Made from Washcloths

Presenter: Gamma Mu Chapter


Membership Memories

Membership Memories - Presented by Bonnie Moore, 1st Vice-President of Texas.
Slides PDF
Video (Access code: XE3a$jV7)


Migrating Monarch Butterflies

Presenter: Kris Light, Alpha Epsilon



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