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Members have been submitting their "Membership Moments" during the 2021-2023 biennium. Moments have included: conventions/conferences attended; friendships; scholarships/grants/awards received; workshops attended; places traveled; funny/heartfelt/touching moments; etc.

International has provided materials for chapters to utilize with prospective candidates for membership:

Membership Musings

Quick tips- Who can be a member?

Any professional female educator is eligible.

2. Retired educators can be members.

3. Any woman who is paid for training and educating others can be a member.

4. Junior and senior female college students in education can be members.

5. Non-traditional trainers and educators can be members.

6. Community leaders who are not paid educators can be invited as honorary members.


Any woman who is paid for her services in any field of education qualifies as a professional educator. Some examples include a nurse at a school or who teaches other nurses, a church employee who trains or teaches others, professional trainers in other organizations, or a teacher/trainer at a community college or agency.



Plus, each local chapter also makes the decision as to who in their community would qualify in the broader sense of educating others. Think outside and around the box of your community. Invite someone.


The TNSO Membership Committee will be offering new awards this biennium for the chapter that reinstates the greatest percentage of dropped members. For the data on members from your chapter that have dropped that you would like to contact, email Linda Eller at for a listing. Stay tuned for further details coming soon!

The Membership Committee would also like to remind chapters to send a copy of the Form 6 to the State Membership Chair, Linda Eller.  Please include personal, membership and professional information about your member so she may be honored in detail in the DKG Tennessee News and at the State Convention at The Ceremony of Remembrance.

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