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Legislative Symposium

Education and the Tennessee General Election
Beginning in 1979, TNSO DKG has recognized the value of communicating directly with our state and federal legislators, particularly in support of our students and teachers. Following Purposes 6 and 7 (6. To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action. 7. To inform the members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society.), the Legislative Committee expanded our offerings this year with the goal of encouraging participation in appropriate programs of action.


2024 Theme for the Legislation Committee: Key Women Educators: Securing the Future of Our Youth

The strategies and activities presented are in keeping with 3.3 -3.4 of the Tennessee State Organization Strategic Plan.

1. Legislation Committee Co-Chairs will contact Senators and Representatives who are Chairs of the various Education Committees of the legislature to arrange opportunities for dialogue regarding issues impacting education.

2. The Legislation Committee will host a virtual lyceum symposium to provide information to members regarding strategies that are highly effective in communicating with legislators.

3. Nashville and surrounding area chapter members will be asked to visit the legislature during the months of January – April, attending committee hearings, and having one-on-one dialogue with legislators.

4. Chapters not located in the Nashville area will be encouraged to have members attend meetings of their local councils / commissions, and school boards.

5. During times of the year when the Legislature is not in session, those chapters that are not in the Nashville area can hold informal morning or afternoon meetings with their respective representatives/senators.

6. The Legislation Committee will support the efforts of a member to attend the National Legislative Seminar in Arlington VA.

7. A calendar of events will be shared with members regarding target dates and proposed activities.



NOTE: The TNSO Legislation Committee will strive to increase communication and establish relationships with legislators, especially with House and Senate Education leadership these next two years. Members will be encouraged to take a more active role in legislative action through contacts and participation in various activities offered. Due to the extremely low membership participation in recent years, other member opportunities will be offered, therefore, the Prep Rally and the DKG Day on the hill will not occur in 2024.


Legislation Committee: Co-Chairs Dr. Carolyn Baldwin Tucker and Brenda Oldham

Members: Kay Moss, Kacey Whited, Dr. Pam Thompson, Dr. Amber Roberts, Doris Ann Hendrix

2024 Tennessee State Legislative Awards


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