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Key Women Educators

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a professional honorary organization comprised of key women educators who are leading and impacting education worldwide. Established in 1929, DKG has continuously embodied the purposes set forth by our founders in order to improve opportunities for qualified women and advance the status of women educators.  


To promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.


Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.


The DKG founders left our organization with seven key purposes that guide our organization. Click here to see the Seven Purposes of DKG.

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TNSO President
Marsha Brewer's
Message to Members:

As we try to achieve harmony in our lives, we need to strive for a balance while being intentional about change and advancement.

From a Society perspective, let’s strive to be intentional about telling our DKG story and inviting new members to begin their own. Let’s cultivate a growth mindset in the sense of growing personally and enlarging and encouraging others.

My hope is that your chapters will
be intentional in planning, recruiting, fellowshipping, encouraging,
serving, and achieving your “highest and best outcomes” for 2024!

(Read more in the February 2024 TNSO News.)


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